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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Churna shampoo be used without hair oil?

A: We do not recommend using Churna Shampoo without hair oil on a regular basis because over time your hair will get dry. Dry hair is prone to breakage, split ends and potentially hair fall. Even though we use several herbs that will soften and nourish hair, the primary ingredients are cleansers intended to remove dirt and excess oil from your hair and scalp.

Q: Why should I use shampoo powder instead of liquid shampoo?

A: Liquid shampoos contain preservatives and binders which are widely considered harmless but do alter the composition of products. Most liquid shampoos also contain cleansers that are more harsh than ours which are single plants made into powder form.

Q: Should I wash my hair?

A: The short answer is yes. While the “no poo” movement believes that shampoo damages your hair, not washing your hair can be problematic too. Natural oils produced by your scalp accumulate over time and can lead to scalp conditions. In excess, they weigh down your hair and attract contaminants, such as dust and pollution from the environment. These oils cannot be washed out with water alone. Churna Shampoo uses mild, natural ingredients that will leave your hair feeling clean while maintaining and improving the natural state of your scalp and hair. be continued